For the categories 1-5, the final evaluation process was developed around the presentations of the works selected in the first stage. Thereby, out of the 40 works selected within the categories 1-5, 22 stood out:

– Nominee: The Dining Pavilion – M.Ionescu House,  Ovidiu Micșa /Andreescu și Gaivoronschi
– Nominee: Rilak’s House,  Dejan Mitov, Jelena Mitov, Krsto Radovanović / Modelart Arhitekti
– Award: WERK Restaurant,  Cătălin Trandafir, Irina Filofi / Filofi și Trandafir Arhitectură
– Award: THE OFFICE CLUJ,  Vlad Gaivoronschi / Andreescu și Gaivoronschi

– Nominee: Art Encounters – main exhibition venue,  Vitamin Architects
– Nominee: Individual Notary Office C.I.A,  Alexandru Buftea, Ariana Țuțuianu /NOI studio / În lucru
– Award: HOME,  Loredana Gaiță, Miodrag Stoianov

– Mention: PASSAGE,  Aleksandra Stratimirovic

– Nominee: Craftsmen’s House,  Ariana Țuțuianu
– Mention: Community Centre,  Andrei Tiron
– Mention: Horezu Ceramic Museum,  Andra Șodolescu
– Mention: Mokembe – Public space,  Egyed Csongor
– Award: Anamnetic instances on the Danube,  Anisia Mouhamed
– Award: New power plant. Rehabilitation of the Floreşti thermal power plant,  Natalia Simina Dumitru

– Nominee: Towers of Cluj – Papercraft book prototype,  Klara Veer
– Nominee: Persistance,  Tudor Vlăsceanu, Liviu Vasiu, Romina Grillo / UNULAUNU
– Nominee: PopUP Răspiua – spațiu de joacă mobil, incluziv,  Iris Popescu, Mihaela Șerban, Sabrina Ahmad / Rhizome
– Nominee: Topophilia,  Anca Cioarec, Brîndușa Tudor / stardust architects*
– Mention: FlexiSPOT,  Marko Vučić
– Mention: Anina Mine of Idea,  Oana Țiganea, Gabriela Pașcu, Marius Barbieri, Ovidiu Micșa
– Award: The Healing Grid – from drainage channels to ecological corridors,  Loredana Gaiță
– Award: Trailer for Research and Activation,  Alexandru Axinte, Cristian Borcan, Matei David, Tudor Elian / studioBASAR

For the category ARCHITECTURE ESSAYS, out of the 8 entries, 4 stood out:
– Nominee: What if they were I Reconsidering (social) housing in Bucharest,  Andra Raisa Parpală
– Mention: Collective Housing: Crossovers from Now and Then,  Paul Vladimir Văleanu
– Mention: Building’s diaries,  Gențiana Cristina Dumitrașcu
– Award: Housing, for whom?,  Robert Blaga

We invite you to see all the evaluated works here.

For more details about the judging process which was the basis for these results, please consult the jury reports:
REPORT 1 | Attila Kim (jury president), Grozdana Šišović, Irina Cristea, Levente Szabó, Oana Stănescu;
REPORT 2 | Catherine Slessor (jury president), Ethel Baraona Pohl, Tamar Shafrir.

Each mention is worth € 500 *.
Each prize is worth € 1,000 *.
No prize money is awarded for nominated works.

* In accordance with the provisions of the competition Rules: All prizes awarded are gross and will be taxed under the Tax Code in force.